ARTIMPEX nv, the inventor and manufacturer of CRYONOMIC dry ice equipment, was established in 1978. The first export of dry ice blasting machines started in 1993 and has been quickly extended by manufacturing dry ice production machines and dry ice containers. When ARTIMPEX nv started developing the CRYONOMIC technology, it set out to produce dry ice cleaning systems and additional products that would surpass all competitive products on the market. Today, we have attained a unique position in the world market with our technology and technical expertise. We are proud to be able to bring exactly that solution our customers are looking for.


Evolution of the CRYONOMIC dry ice cleaning machines

  • 1992: VSU-100 E
  • 1996: JUNIOR
  • 1997: JOBBER
  • 1998: VSU-380
  • 2002: CAB5 series
  • 2007: COB62 (first machine with improved and patented technology)
  • 2010: COB62plus (with abrasive blasting)
  • 2012: CAB72, COMBI7 series and COB71 (most suitable series)
  • 2015: COB5XLA and more custom made cleaning equipment
  • 2017: COB71AR (for automated tire cleaning)