Dry ice blaster(manual and automated)

Dry ice blasting is an efficient and environmentally friendly cleaning technique that makes use of dry ice pellets. The choice of the most suitable dry ice blaster should be based on a short analysis of the desired application of the unit.

We distinguish 4 types of applications:

  • Focalised up to medium size cleaning (Blaster COB62/62+/71)
  • Very fast cleaning equipment with long hoses for large surfaces (Blaster COMBI71/72/73)
  • Dry ice gritblasting (Blaster COB62+/71 or COMBI with abrasive module)
  • Automatisation and engineered solutions (Blaster COB71A or COMBI-A)

Compact dry ice blasters (manual)

   Industrial dry ice blasters (manual or automated)

   Heavy duty dry ice blasters (manual or automated)