Hopper Cones

Only A Westeel Cone Preserves Westeel Strength.

Engineered to deliver superior strength and performance year in and year out, a Westeel hopper cone is the best way to preserve the integrity of your Westeel bin, and your Westeel warranty.

Westeel Hopper Cone

Available for 14′, 15′ and 16′ diameter bins.The economical choice for farmers that demand Westeel quality, our standard hopper cone’s engineered lightweight construction design comes with many of the same Westeel Elite hopper cone features, but can be purchased at a more competitive price thanks to its cost-effective paint process (touch-up paint is included). Standard hopper cones are specially designed to match and support Westeel bins.

Elite Hopper Cone

Available for 14′, 18′, 19′ and 21′ diameter bins With tens of thousands in use, Westeel’s welded hopper cone is the most trusted choice for Western Canadian farmers seeking dependable protection and long‑term value. Each cone is manufactured by craftsmen using advanced fabrication methods and heavy gauge steel components throughout. Most important, this cone has been specifically engineered to provide optimum support for your Westeel Wide-Corr or Standard-Corr bin, thus protecting your investment and ensuring decades of worry‑free operation.

SeedStor-K® Hopper Cone

Available for 15′, 18′ and 21′ diameter non‑stiffened SeedStor-K bins. Available for 15′, 18′, 21′, 24′ and 27′ diameter stiffened SeedStor-K bins SeedStor has come to be known for its super fast, controlled unloading capabilities and affordable all-in-one prices. SeedStor-K provides the same high quality bin/cone combination as SeedStor with the advantages of a unique knock-down cone design. This design allows the cone to be shipped flat and assembled on-site, providing significant savings on transportation costs. Heavy-duty versions should be used with aeration and inspection hatches, or where the unload rate exceeds two or three cycles per year. With 40˚ and 45˚ cone slopes, SeedStor-K has one of the fastest hopper unload rates in the industry.

Optional Foundations

Protect your Westeel cone and bin (and the commodities it stores) with an engineered Westeel foundation. This heavy-duty foundation requires no concrete and is manufactured from HSS tubing, so it will be easy to move should your storage needs change down the road. Professionally engineered, it is more robust than competitive designs, and features two, three or four rings (depending on your bin’s size) to provide as large a footprint as possible for your bin. The larger the footprint, the more your hopper bin’s load is dispersed – the greater its stability. Don’t take chances with your bin and cone investment. Insist on a Westeel foundation.

A. (Left to right) SeedStor-K® Hopper Cone, Elite Hopper Cone, Standard Hopper Cone

B. Weld-in Inspection Hatch

C. Rack and Pinion Shut Off

D. HD Support Ring and Punched Angle Ring

E. HD Pipe Braces

F. Levered Slide Gate

G. Auger Boot

H. Removable Aeration

I. Bolt-On Inspection Hatch

J. Two-Ring Foundation

K. Three-Ring Foundation

L. Four-Ring Foundation