Magnum Smoothwall Bins

Strength, Stability and Weathertight Protection.

Designed to provide years of trouble-free clean-out and superior protection from corrosion, Westeel’s Magnum Series are professionally engineered smoothwall hopper bottom bins that represent one of the best values in smoothwall storage.

Guaranteed to Last

We’re so confident in the structural integrity of our Magnum Series bins, we back them with a 10-year structural guarantee and a 30-month coating warranty.


Specifically designed for the safe, long‑term storage of fertilizer, grain or seed. 27 to 223 tons


Perfect for the storage of grain, seed and feed. 1,140 to 6,070 bushels

Designed for Optimal Strength

All Magnum bins are constructed using heavy gauge steel. They are assembled vertically to produce a perfectly round bin with extremely smooth assembly joints and a more attractive appearance overall. On Magnum-F and Magnum-G, the top and bottom cone sheets have been pressed to provide exceptional strength and greater impact resistance to structural damage. Westeel’s outside leg design is standard on all models, and provides greater strength where it is needed, improving the transfer of the vertical load onto the cone’s legs.

Exceptional Bin Clean-Out

On Magnum-F and Magnum-G bins, a steep 40˚ or 55˚ cone slope, and a wide 19” opening help eliminate the potential for product hang‑up and the possibility of insect or mold contamination due to incomplete bin clean‑out. In addition, Magnum-F features a slip-additive in the interior epoxy which reduces friction and improves clean-out.

Superior Paint Finish Inside and Out

Westeel employs a state-of-the-art paint process on its Magnum Series bins for superior protection from weather and corrosion. Our exterior finish consists of a two-part industrial epoxy primer to which is added a two-component acrylic epoxy topcoat. This results in a highly durable chemical and scratch resistant finish suitable for the harshest Canadian conditions. For the interior of the Magnum-F, we apply an industrial grade coating comprised of a two-component high gloss food grade epoxy paint with slip additives, which help promote material flow and superior clean-out.

Fully Accessorized

We know how frustrating it is to buy a new bin and then discover that you have to pay extra for an important accessory. That’s why all Magnum bins come fully accessorized with the most important features you require for safety and convenience.

Customize to Your Needs

There are numerous options available to customize Magnum series bins to your operation. For example, steel foundations save on concrete costs and allow you to move your Magnum bin at a later date. For a complete list of options, see your Westeel dealer.

Attractively Priced

Magnum Series bins are sold complete at a low, all inclusive price, making them your best value in smoothwall storage.

Heavy-duty construction FG F G
Built vertically for exact seam alignment FG F G
Wire fed plasma welded for seamless interior F G
Pressed cone sheets for increased strength F G
Remote controlled vented lid with 24″ opening FG F G
Inspection hatch at bottom of cone FG F G
Side wall and roof ladder FG F G
Stainless steel rack and pinion slide gate F
Rack and pinion slide gate G
High strength steel square tubular legs F G
Vented legs to control freezing damage F G
40˚ or 55˚ bottom cone slope F G
26″ hopper clearance F G
Internally/external double welded hopper
cone seams
Poke hole F
Interior industrial two-component high gloss
food grade epoxy paint
Three extra-large sight glasses F G