WSO Mist Collectors

Versatile Collector for Water, Smoke or Oil Mist

The Donaldson Torit® WSO mist collector is the only collector that filters three types of mist (water, smoke, oil) in one collector - simply by changing the mist filter.

The versatile Donaldson Torit® WSO Mist Collector provides three filter solutions for water-soluble coolant, straight oil, and the most challenging, oily smoke. The WSO uses revolutionary Synteq™ XP Media Technology engineered for superior draining, resulting in lower pressure drop and longer filter life.

The WSO can be modified with a simple filter change, leading to leaner operation, cost savings and cleaner plant air.

WSO Offers:

  • 3 in 1 solutions for mist applications
  • Advanced Synteq XP high efficiency media
  • Cross-flow design for better drainage
  • Easy to change cartridge filters
  • Energy savings
  • Continuous-duty design
  • Lower life cycle costs
  • Quiet operation
  • Configurations for machine mounting, floor stands, or ducted central systems
  • UL-approved electrical components

The WSO Difference

The WSO mist collector can be configured to meet your facility's requirements: machine mountable, floor-mounted stand, and ducted cellular and central systems.

WSO 20 with afterfilter ducted to a machining center

Versatile in Application, Flexible in Design

3rd Stage: Final Filter (Optional)

  • DOP
  • 95% efficient on .3 micron mist and smoke
  • HEPA
  • 99.97% efficient on .3 micron mist and smoke

2nd Stage: Primary Filter (Select One)

  • Synteq XP - W
    • For mist from water-soluble coolant
    • Economical, fast draining, for heavy water-based liquid load
  • Synteq XP - S
    • For smoke from machining
    • Highest efficiency for challenging applications
  • Synteq XP - O
    • For mist from straight oil machining
    • Efficiency designed for small oil aerosols

1st Stage: Prefilter Options (Select One)

  • Metal Screen
  • For heavier dust/grit from wet grinding
  • Metal Mesh
  • For most water-soluble mist
  • Polypropylene Mesh
  • For most straight oil mist
  • High Efficiency 1st Stage
  • For oily smoke

WSO machining center

Oblong Cartridges Outperform Traditional Filters

  • Up to 45% more filter surface area than pocket filters and round cartridges
  • Best fit in rectangular cabinet
  • Lower pressure drop
  • Longer filter life