Wide-Corr® centurion®hopper Bottom Bins

Feature galvanized hopper plates supported by Westeel’s unique compression ring assembly for additional strength.

Galvanized Hoppers

Wide-Corr Centurion hoppers feature galvanized hopper plates which are supported by Westeel’s unique compression ring assembly for additional strength. This effectively transfers the bin load from the hopper onto the legs and into the bin foundation. A steel sealing strip is continuously welded to the compression ring assembly to ensure a moisture tight fit. Standard hopper features include caulking for all horizontal seams and a wide 14″ discharge outlet. Larger discharges up to 22″ are available as options for the ability to deliver rates up to 30,000 bu/hr. A 45˚ hopper cone is provided on all Series 15 to 24 hopper tanks, a 40˚ hopper cone for all Series 27 to 30 hopper tanks and a 37˚ hopper cone for all Series 33 and 36 hopper tanks.

Full I-Beam Leg Support

For added strength and safety, Wide-Corr Centurion hoppers use full I-Beam construction for the leg support system. Cross-bracing manufactured from steel threaded rods is used between every leg to eliminate twisting and increase the structural rigidity of the base. Extra support is provided by the exterior stiffeners, which are connected to the legs, so that the bin loads are transferred directly to the concrete foundation. All components in the base structure are pre-punched at the factory for easy assembly.

Optional Accessories

Roof vents. Safety cages. Roof stairs. Side draw and accessories. Roller and rack and pinion slide gates. Catwalks. Platforms. Aeration systems. Larger customized discharge openings for hopper tanks. Wind rings. Wall ladders. Spiral stairs. Leg extensions. Easycheck™ temperature and moisture cables. Roof inspection hatch reinforcing kit.

A. The exterior stiffeners are attached directly to the legs so that the loads are transferred through to the concrete foundation

B. Specially designed bins for unique applications ensure long lasting use even in the most rigorous applications