AG Growth International

The infrastructure required to feed the world’s people consists of a global network of facilities to store, blend, mix, convey, condition, process, and protect the hundreds of millions of tons of agriculture inputs and crops that must flow around the world on a daily basis. At AGI, we further refine the definition of the global food infrastructure to include the equipment and technology required to facilitate the global movement of the inputs to grow our crops, to move the crops to market, then to process the crops into feed for our animals and food for people.

At AGI we build the world’s food infrastructure.

AGI is a global leader in the planning, engineering and manufacturing of full solutions and systems across 5 platforms: Grain, Fertilizer, Food, Feed and Seed. We partner with our customers on 6 continents to leverage the AGI advantage and engineer unique market specific systems. These systems are delivered for farm and commercial applications and include Storage, Handling, Structural, Processing, and Controls all based on, and brought together, with Engineering and Project Management.

The AGI brand as well as our product brands are among the most recognized in global agriculture; in some cases, with more than 160 years of industry experience. Our history of success and international esteem is yet another reason the AGI advantage has you covered.