Donaldson Releases Corporate Social Responsibility Report

Donaldson Company’s Corporate Social Responsibility Report includes Donaldson’s sustainability results from the past year and progress updates on the Company’s environmental and social responsibility focus areas.

Report Excerpt: Managing Risks and Delivering Sustainable Results

Consistent with our commitment to uniformly apply high standards of ethics and business conduct wherever we do business, we are committed to efficiently and effectively reducing the environmental impacts of our operations while providing safe, healthy and compliant workplaces for our employees, visitors and neighbors.

At Donaldson Company, Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) excellence refers to the actions that every member of our organization collectively undertakes on a daily basis to identify and manage exposures to health and safety hazards and environmental impacts that can result in harm to people, or the environment or our ability to serve our customers. We are guided by a new EHS Framework which builds upon our existing ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certifications by providing more robust processes and tools designed to:

  • Reduce exposure to our most significant environmental aspects and health and safety risks
  • Enhance leadership visibility in exposure reduction activities
  • Increase employee involvement in value-added EHS activities
  • Provide robust compliance assurance processes