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Drain Master B


  • Air leakage is so little that economic effect is excellent, and withdrawal of early investment expense is fast.
  • Outlet diameter is large (inside diameter 12Ø) that there is no block phenomenon, and it is safety because there is restoration ability when converts to emergency mode.
  • Control is easy because all operations are automated. It operates normally in atmospheric pressure state. Emergency manual operation is available . (needs not by-pass line)
  • Body: SCS13A,
    Ball: Durability is good and strong against corrosion by using SUS304 quality of the material.
  • Switching time of electric actuation ball valve is short that operate ball valve is opened perfectly at operation.(scale discharge is excellent)

DRAIN MASTER B Operation Principle

1) Condensate that is flowed through lead-in line 1 is gathered to housing 2

2) If condensate water level rises in housing, it is sensed in the high level sensor 3.

3) Electric actuation ball valve 5 is run if transmit open signal in main board and condensate is discharged through outlet 6

4) If level of condensate water inside housing comes down 4 it is sensed in the sensor bottom dead center, and electric actuation 6 ball valve that received close signal is closed.

Electrostatic Capacity Sensor

Any condensate from compression process can be sensed correctly and discharged.

Zero loss of compressed air.

Uses of two sensors (High level, low level) protects energy loss By air loss discharging condensate selectively.

Technical Data
Application Temp’ -25 ~50℃ Power 110, 220Vac(±10%) 50~60Hz
Weight 0.4kg Switching Temp’ On/+5 ~ Off/+15℃
Threaded Connection G1/2” Power Input Pac < 125W
Material (Heating Cartridge) Stainless Steel Cable Cross-section 3 X 0.75㎟
(Connecting Cable) PVC 220Vac/125W Order ref. : A DM 00-1
Operating Pressure(max) 60 bar 110Vac/125W Order ref. : A DM 00-2