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Splitting Agent

  • The broad-range(pH4 to 10), effective splitting agent eliminates not only the need for the continual adaptation of pH values, but also for the use of chemicals

Filter Bags

  • Low water content of filter residue because of large filter surface
  • Filter cake consisting of a percolating residue mass that won’t dissolve
  • Low filter consumption owing to filtration through bag filters
  • Simple and fast filter replacement.

Electronic monitoring of all operating states

  • Microprocessor control of sequences
  • Monitoring of the splitting agent supply
  • Permanent filter monitoring
  • Maintenance and alarm messages can be processed externally via out put signal
  • Monitoring system enables automatic operation

Electronic water pump(Diaphragm)

  • Adapted diaphragm type water pump
  • Convenience of installation and maintenance
  • High Durability
Emission standards for water pollutants
Factors for areas Hydrogen ion concentration(PH) Normal-hexane concentration Companies discharging wastewater of 2,000m2 or below per day
Mineral oil(mg/L) Animal/vegetable fat(mg/L) Biological Oxygen(BOD) Biological Oxygen(COD) Floating matter mass(mg/L)
Clean area 5.8~8.6 1 or fewer 5 or fewer 40 or fewer 50 or fewer 40 or fewer
Area A 5.8~8.6 5 below 30 or fewer 80 or fewer 90 or fewer 80 or fewer
Area B 5.8~8.6 5 below 30 or fewer 120 or fewer 130 or fewer 120 or fewer
Special area 5.8 ~ 8.6 5 below 30 or fewer 30 or fewer 40 or fewer 30 or fewer
Source : Water Quality Regulations