Galaxy Sivtek Vibro Separator

The Galaxy Sivtek Separator range is engineered using the latest design techniques to give optimum performance in handling a wide range of products in a diverse range industries

Effective separation for high product

Accurate grading of different size particles

Provides optimum efficiency

  • Machine can be finely turned by easy adjustment of out of balance weight system to maximize output
  • Provides up to five separations in a single operation to give maximum capacity
  • Multiple discharge outlets available for handling higher discharge rates

User friendly

  • Very easy to operate
  • Automatic discharge of material
  • Quick change clamping mechanism
  • Available with clean in place systems
  • Quick mesh change system

Reduces you maintenance cost and downtime

  • Manufactured to the highest quality standards
  • Low power consumption
  • Dependable motor with external lubrication system

Six Standard sizes to meet your sieving and separation needs

The Galaxy Sivtek Separator in manufactured in six standard sizes to match the requirements of a diverse range of applications and throughput rates: 24″(60mm), 30″(750mm), 40″(1000mm), 48″(1200mm), 60″(1500mm) and 72″(1800mm) diameter.

Mesh Cleaning Options:

Ball Tray

Anti blinding Ball Tray Arrangement, comprising of a coarse mesh beneath the sizing mesh on which a sufficient number of elastomer or polymer balls are placed to continously tap the sizing screen. Continuous tapping dislodges the clogged particles from the sizing screen.

Ring Tray

Ring Tray prevents screen blinding and stapling of the mesh. The action of the vibration causes sharp-edged sliding cylinders to scrape the underside of the screen, cutting off dangling fibrous material as well as freeing near-size material lodged in the openings.