Klübersynth NH1 4-68 Foam-Spray

Highly adhesive oil based on an innovative foam technology

Product description

Klübersynth NH1 4-68 Foam Spray is a synthetic oil-based multifunctional fluid spray. The excellent adhesiveness of the foam holds the lubricant at the friction point to reduce wear.

The combination of foam and oil that Klübersynth NH1 4-68 Foam Spray offers ensures that the oil reaches the exact lubrication point due to capillary action. This combination also ensures that the dripping problem noticed with conventional oil is clearly reduced.

The combination of foam and oil reduces overspray and thus mist formation as with conventional sprays. This avoids unwanted contamination of surrounding components and surfaces. Additionally, possible inhalation risks of oil mist are eliminated.

In spite of the oil having a low viscosity, it still exhibits good lubrication and wear protection properties.

Benefits for your application

  • NSF H1-registered product suitable for use in the food-processing industry
  • Excellent adhesiveness ensures good lubrication effect and reduced wear
  • Unique foam combination with oil supports easy application including overhead application without dripping
  • Optimised consumption due to capillary action, ensuring slow but clear penetration of the lubricant to the friction point