S4M Software


  • Data acquisition of unlimited number of sensors from location all over the world
  • Alarm monitoring and indications on screen, relay and SMS
  • Secure data storage on local hard drive in a SQL database
  • Server / client architecture
  • Application software installed on Windows PC
  • Client access through web browser (PC, tablet, HMI terminal)
  • Remote access through Internet possible
  • Scalable customizable solution
  • Communication with field devices through Modbus/TCP or Modbus/RTU or via web
  • Multi language support
  • E-mail feature for sending alarms and reports
  • Consumption report (optional)

This new generation monitoring software offers the latest features required in system monitoring. S4M is designed to monitor factory or building systems of all scales. For example in a compressed air system it records and analyzes air consumption, system pressure, dew point, oil vapor contents, compressor status, particles, basically everything which is required for a safe operation. However S4M is not limited to compressed air systems: what can be measured and is available through a Modbus communication can be handled.

The software is installed on a Windows PC (server installation) and through a web server clients operate the software through a web browser. This allows hardware independent client installations on PC, tablet computers and HMI terminal.

Rich alarm monitoring with indications on screen, relay outputs and e-mail puts the user in control of the system.