S 601 Compressed Air Purity Analyzer

Features S 601

  • Compressed air analyzer for 24/7 monitoring
  • User friendly 6 mm quick connector
  • 5-in-1 measurement device
  • Dew point measurement with unique dual sensor system
  • Oil vapor measured on highest precision
  • Pressure and temperature measurement
  • Particle counting as defined in ISO 8537
  • High resolution 5" color touch screen
  • Integrated data logger
  • Robust IP54 wall mountable casing

Product contamination can ruin a business and harm its customers. The typical approach of spot checks and random testing of compressed air systems does not allow businesses to quickly react to contamination events, nor does it provide continual assurance that contamination levels are being kept under control. In the ever quickening change of production, real time monitoring is crucial to protect your products integrity. The SUTO S 601 Compressed Air Purity Analyzer, measures and monitors contaminants in real time, giving businesses security that its products and customers are protected.

The SUTO S 601 Compressed Air Purity Analyzer brings together state of the art technology in one easy to use package, allowing businesses to continuously monitor compliance to ISO8573. The S 601 monitors particle, dew point and oil vapor contamination across the full spectrum of ISO8573 requirements including Class 0. Real time information can be retrieved from the S601 by SCADA systems via MODBUS outputs. The integrated color touch screen display allows users to view all information locally. The data logging function ensures records are kept intact. Alarm points can be set to trigger in the event that contaminants hit your selected limits. An optional external light or siren can be tted to the alarm.

The S 601 is quick and easy to install, just connect the unit to power and the compressed air supply.