Satake manufactures and markets a wide range of food processing machinery, mainly for rice, wheat, and corn. Satake's core competency from among those grains is rice processing. Satake has accumulated rice and cereal processing technology for over 115 years. Today, we manufacture and supply machinery and systems which are used in every stage of agricultural processing, including harvesting, drying, cleaning, husking, milling, grading, optical sorting, weighing, and packing in 150 countries.

Satake's mission is to develop the world's finest products for our customers. Our responsibility is to serve our customers in the best possible manner and also to contribute to the cultural advancement of society.

"Satake has successfully installed and commissioned more than 150 modern milling plants and over 10,000 full color sorters worldwide."


1896 Riichi Satake, the first President, invents and initiates the production and sales of Japan's first power driven rice milling machine.
1922 Satake develops an ultra-hard abrasive roll to mill a special variety of rice for brewing sake.
1925 Satake successfully produces high-speed milling machines using abrasive rolls.
1940 The second President, Toshihiko Satake, publishes "The Theory of Rice Milling." This work is the basis from which the rice processing technology of today has evolved.
1950 Toshihiko Satake is awarded the Blue Ribbon Medal for his achievements in inventing rice milling machines.
1955 The Pearlmaster Rice Milling Machine is invented. Practically 100% of the mills in Japan adopted this machine. The Pearlmaster is the first rice milling machine to be exported from post war Japan.
1956 The Company develops the One-pass Rice Milling Machine for use by farmers.
1963 The Satake Compass Rice Milling System is supplied to all 30 of the plants designated by the Ministry of Agriculture of Japan as model rice milling facilities.
1964 The first three country elevators in Japan are designed and built by Satake. These became model plants for the agriculture sector.
1966 The Company develops the Tempering Dryer that dries rice up to ten times faster than previous dryers.
1971 The Company launches the small-scale rice grading machine for farm use.
1974 The Rice Master, the first husker with an oscillating paddy separator, ushers in a new era for husking.
1980 Satake USA Inc. is established in Houston.
1986 The Company develops the world's first rice taste analysis instrument, the Taste Analyzer.
1997 The Centennial History of the Satake Corporation is published.
The Magic Rice Plant is completed.
The Corporate Song of Satake with words by Ms. Keiko Inokuchi and music by Mr. Kazunori Maruyama is established.
2004 Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi visits the Hiroshima Head Office.
The expansion of Satake Manufacturing (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. in China is completed.
A delegation of the Speaker of the Parliament House of India visits the Hiroshima Head Office.
2007 Establishment of Satake International Bangkok Co., Ltd. (Currently Satake Asia Co., Ltd.)
2010 Satake Europe Limited is established in Manchester, England
Toshiko Satake is awarded the Blue Ribbon Medal of Honor
Satake receives the “Award for Nurture of Children and Youth and Child Support” from the Cabinet Office
2019 Launches new product brand REACH, semi-assembled rice processing plant
2021 Develops concept rice milling plant, MILSTA
Appoints Kazuhisa Matsumoto as company president