Manual bag placing Single spout Net Weight Bagging System

Suitable for free flowing and not free flowing powdery products bagging such as:

  • Agriculture [seed, beans, cereal, corn, grass seed, organic pellet fertilizer]
  • Foods [wheat, corn, rice, cereals, maize grits, wheat flour, maize flour, maize meal, pollard, pellets, semolina, malt,
  • sugar, salt, coffee, maize grits]
  • Animal Feed [animal feed, mineral feed, concentrated feed]
  • Inorganic Fertilizer [urea, TSP, SSP, C.A.N., AN, NPK, rock phosphate]
  • Petrochemicals [plastic granules, resin powders, etc.]
  • Construction materials [sand, gravel]
  • Fuels [coals, wood pellets]


  • Available in 3 sizes, 1 -20 kg, 10 – 80 kg or 25 – 200 kg
  • Several feeding device available depending on product to be handled (gravity, belt, single or double screw, turbine)
  • Capacity up to 22 bags/min (capacity depends on product, line configuration, bag sizes, operator skills, etc.)
  • Elliptical dust tight automatic spout
  • Several bag closing system available (sewing, heat sealing, pinch, gluing, etc.)
  • Rs-485 communication interface
  • User’s friendly operator interface


  • Bird beak spout for quick empty bag placing (only for granular not dusty products)
  • Bird beak spout with pre-dump option for high speed bagging (only for granular not dusty products)
  • Quick bag size change over device available (mod. cbr)
  • Available with simplex or duplex bagging scale
  • Quick height adjustment for belt conveyor
  • Walkable weigher/s support frame complete with guard rails and ladder
  • Simple support frame
  • Special execution available such as ss contact parts or for aggressive products and environment
  • Profibus dp or serial communication interfaces
  • Electro-mechanical bag shaker for a proper product settling