Ship Loaders

Type 160-200-300 up to 800

Designed for almost any kind of products in bulk with a density from 0.2 to 1.8, VIGAN loaders are suitable for all size of barges or vessels.The loading is made mechanically: cargo can be for instance transported into the loading boom by integrated belt(eventually with a travelling movement) or chain conveyor and discharged by gravity into the ship hold thanks to a telescopic loading chute.

The loading boom is usually mounted on a slewing ring.The combination of telescopic and rotating movements allow continuous and uniform loading operations of the ship holds.

The loading structure can be mounted:

  • On a self-propelled gantry on rails;
  • On a self-propelled gantry on rubber wheels;
  • On a fixed structure.

Customized characteristics:

  • Electrically driven motor, or with Diesel power unit;
  • Loading boom up to 25 meters;
  • Capacities up to 1,200 metric tons per hour (depending on cargo and working conditions).

Dust control devices:

  • Automatic self-cleaning filter;
  • Retractable cover of the telescopic belt conveyor boom;
  • Dust-free loading head.Special optional features:
  • Slewable loading powered thrower;
  • Operator’s control cabin;
  • Continuous weighing system;
  • Jet slinger; Etc. . .