Super SIVTEK Separator

A high capacity and high efficiency separator that can even sieve down to 500 mesh without blocking!


  • Reduces floor space requirements.
  • Lower manpower & maintenance costs.
  • Higher throughput per unit mesh area.
  • Provides up to five separations in a single operation to give maximum capacity.
  • Able to sieve up to 500 #
  • Accurate grading of different size particles
  • Enhance efficiency with ultrasonic
  • Very easy to operate
  • Automatic discharge of material
  • Quick change clamping mechanism
  • Available with clean in place systems
  • Quick mesh change system
Product Name BD Mesh Super SIVTEK Equivalent Conventional Separator Equivalent
Model Kg/Hr Model Kg/Hr
Garlic Powder 0.20 80 SS48 553 GS48 288
Silica Gel 0.61 200 & 400 SS48 50 GS48 30
Pharma Powder 0.83 100 SS48 440 GS48 250
Activated Charcoal Powder 0.40 325 SS60 500 GS60 250

The Super SIVTEK is a unique high efficiency separator for fine mesh sieving. This is made possible by developing a unique design that generates higher vibrations and out of balance forces by the use of heavy duty motion generator

Add-on Options

Vibrasonic Deblinding System

Enable you to sieve your powders on finer meshes with more accuracy than ever before. This improves the quality of your final products as well as their value.

Zero Gap Design Available

In certain critical applications, contamination of product due to gaps in the separator creates big problem. Zero Gap Design Super SIVTEK with no bolts inside the working area is designed for such critical applications