Unimaster Dust Collectors

Economical Vibration-Cleaned System

Designed to maximize dust collection and the life of collector components for years of extended service.

In production for over 40 years with hundreds of thousands in use worldwide, the Unimaster® collector’s compact design and quiet operation is an industry success. Yet, Donaldson Torit® is continually improving the Unimaster to ensure that it provides efficient, trouble-free service. ​

A self-contained collector with everything needed to begin collecting dust, the Unimaster comes complete with fan and fan motor, automatic shaker and shaker motor, and system controller making installation quick and easy. Since the automatic shaker cleans the bag filters, there is no need for expensive compressed air. Ideal for intermittent operations in plant processes, the Unimaster can be used as a central system or at the point of dust generation.

  • Compact Design
    Minimizes floor space and fits in virtually any plant layout.
  • Versatility
    Three configurations to suit a variety of dust collection applications.
  • Broad Range
    Offering maximum air handling capacity in a compact design, the Unimaster offers filtration media area from 3.7 to 69.7 m2 / 40 to 750 ft2.
  • Quiet & Efficient Operation
    Motors and fan are enclosed in collector housing to minimize noise.
  • Easy Maintenance