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Enhancing corporate image

Corporate image requires not only for producing good products but also for various things such as social contribution and environmental friendly, etc. Especially, corporate image on environmental friendly is very important part.

Best processing plan for condensate

Our oil-water separator, YUSOO-BREAKER can dramatically reduce the high cost in processing condensate, and provides satisfied result in improving work efficiency and corporate image with small investment.

The YUSOO-BREAKER new series is the best functional product made with our long experience and accumulated technology, and user can enjoy satisfactory convenience and efficiency in our product.

We are operating an excellent follow-up service system in order for our users not to experience difficulty in purchasing consumables and in managing product, etc. after sales other than those imported products and similar ones.

  • No Energy Cost & Environmental friendly products.
  • Low maintenance & All models series can be equipped with Heating unit for cold weather application
  • Reduce disposal cost
  • Simple installation
  • High operational reliability
Factors for areas Normal-hexane concentration Companies discharging wasterwater of 2,000m2 or below per day Hydrogen ion concentration(PH)
Mineral oil(mg/L) Animal/vegetable fat(mg/L) BOD(mg/L) COD(mg/L) Floating matter mass(mg/L)
Clean area 1 or fewer 5 or fewer 40 or fewer 50 or fewer 40 or fewer 5.8~8.6
Area A 5 or fewer 30 or fewer 80 or fewer 90 or fewer 80 or fewer 5.8~8.6
Area B 5 or fewer 30 or fewer 120 or fewer 130 or fewer 120 or fewer 5.8~8.6
Special area 5 or fewer 30 or fewer 30 or fewer 40 or fewer 30 or fewer 5.8~8.6