Downflo oval dust collector

Proven Design Delivers Value & Performance

The high performance Downflo® Oval (DFO) family of dust collectors provides up to 25% more filtration capacity than other same-sized cartridge collectors.

The Donaldson Torit® Downflo® Oval cartridge dust and fume collector sets the standard for industrial dust collection – by providing a 25% increase in airflow capacity, improved airflow path, and a 29% increase in pulse cleaning pressure. These compact, high-efficiency units use high efficiency oval-shaped cartridge filters, especially well-suited for filtering the sub-micron dust.

A Family of Over-Achievers

The high performance Downflo Oval (DFO) family of dust collectors provides up to 25% more filtration capacity than other same-sized cartridge collectors. Powered by proprietary Ultra-Web® nanofiber filtration technology, DFO delivers cleaner air, up to two times longer filter life, and greater cost savings.

A smaller collector helps lower the initial purchase price, reduces filter replacement costs and opens up valuable manufacturing floor space.

DFO Offers:

  • Lower initial cost per cubic meter of air per hour (m3/h) / cubic foot of air per minute (cfm)
  • Higher efficiency—cleaner air
  • Lower pressure drop—greater energy savings
  • Fewer filter changeouts
  • Reduced filter disposal cost
  • Easy system setup
  • Less maintenance

Outperforms Other Collectors

DFO collectors offer some strong benefits that distinguish them from all other collectors available in the market today.

Easy to Use

Quick-release handles provide easy cover removal and faster filter access.


Smaller footprints for applications that require maximum cleaning efficiency in even smaller spaces.


DFO collectors provide 25% more capacity than same-sized dust collectors.

Cost Effective

The proprietary ExtraLife Filter Cleaning System averages up to 30% increase in pulse cleaning energy for unmatched cleaning ability.


Unique oval-shaped Ultra-Web cartridge filters provide the longest filter life and highest filtration efficiency—which lowers cost.

Unique Oval Shape Contributes to Higher Airflow Capacity

The Downflo Oval filter design is a reflection of Donaldson Torit’s commitment to technical research and development. High performance oval-shaped filters handle up to 25% more airflow without increasing velocities, which can cause filter abrasion. Sophisticated FLUENT® Airflow Modeling Software revealed that oval-shaped cartridge filters have fewer areas of high velocity, resulting in a lower potential for media abrasion and increased filter life.